Review: Rage & Bullets by Skyla Madi

Review: Rage & Bullets by Skyla Madi




How much stress can the human body endure before it folds in on itself? Whatever it is, I’m definitely reaching the peak. Things are supposed to be downhill from here, but my brother is hell-bent on saving a girl who isn’t his in the first place…

…and he can’t do it alone.

Do we even have what it takes to bring Joel’s girl back from depths of the hell Skull has imprisoned her in? Or will our attempt be thwarted by Skull and the men he controls?

It’s a dangerous game Joel’s playing, and it’s one that affects us all.

My Review:
Genre: Romantic Suspense, action
Standalone: – No Book 4 of the New York Crime Kings Series. Cliffhanger!
Part of a Series: Yes Book 4 of the New York Crime Kings Series
POV: Jai & Emily
Steam Level: Toasty

Let’s be honest! I hate cliffhangers. I hate cliffhangers with a vengeance. Their are only two reasons this book gets 4 stars:
1. I read this in the box set of books 1-4 which I snagged when it was free. We’re now on book 4 (or at least 7) and while the story builds and moves this is getting ridiculous. If I had to continue buying the books to finish the story I wouldn’t, not at $3.99 each with each book being under 200 pages which I finish in a day or two.

2. The writing: Skyla Madi knows how to build an intense story with just the right amount of action, humor, and steam. And, while I will admit the writing is great and holds my interest I’m starting to become a little irritated. My suggestion would be to read these in the Kindle Unlimited program.

Favorite Quotes:

  • An obvious sign of impending doom. Or winter, as I like to call it.
  • “You were at the part where we’re Barbie and Ken with absolutely no problems.”…“Not true. Ken doesn’t have a penis and I’d say that’s a major problem.”
  • I like climaxes in every aspect of my life, thanks.
  • Who would have thought that I went to the darkest depths of hell and found an angel?
  • Falling in love is worse than I thought.
  • I should separate the tip of his cock from his shaft and glue it to his face so every time he looks in the mirror he’s reminded of what a dickhead he is.
  • Heels are my fucking undoing. Especially on her. It makes sense, I mean, Superman has kryptonite and I have…I have women’s shoes.
  • There’s nothing like a bottle of Russian water to loosen the tongue.
  • It’s official. I’m going back in time to shove an unlubricated football up his dick hole.

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