Review: Leave Him Loved by Harloe Rae

Review: Leave Him Loved by Harloe Rae

“Farmers come from solid stock, if you know what I mean.”

I’m a simple man with few demands.
Growing up in a tight-knit community has taught me to appreciate the smaller things.
Pass me a cold beer after a long day at work and I’ll be satisfied.

Being in a long-term relationship has never appealed to me.
It might be the lack of options, but I haven’t met a woman to change my mind on the matter.

Until Audria Griffin sweeps into Bampton Valley.

That woman has me ready to reconsider the dating game.
Things I didn’t realizeĀ I wanted suddenly appear.
But our situation isn’t that easy.
Audria’s status in town is only temporary.

A wise man would plan accordingly.
I can look, but not touch.
Too bad I’ve always been more of a rebel.

City girl – I hope you’re ready to fight the inevitable with me.

From USA Today & Amazon Top 10 bestselling author Harloe Rae comes a heartfelt friends-to-lovers romance that delivers uplifting entertainment where a swoony farmer volunteers to show the new girl around town while attempting to deny their combustible chemistry. Prepare yourself for heaps of laughs, witty banter, never-ever dates, and country charm that will leave you smiling.

My Review:
Title: Leave Him Loved
Author: Harloe Rae
Format: Ebook
Genre: Romance, comedy, small town, opposites, friends to lovers, friends with benefits
Standalone: Yes
Part of a Series: I hope it will become one
POV: Audria, Reeve
Steam Level: Slow burn to toasty

Harloe Rae has another winner with Leave Him Loved. I feel like I laughed more at this book than at any other of her books (and I’ve read them all). The jokes, puns, and innuendos were flying throughout causing a wildly entertaining book about about a big city girl transplanted into a small country town. I loved Leave Him Loved and didn’t want it to end. I hope we see more of Bam in
future books.

I received an advanced copy of this book, but bought it as well. This is my honest and voluntary review.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Without shame, I admit my mouth waters at the idea of tracing those washboard lines. I would gladly volunteer to scale him faster than a hayloft ladder.
  • His smolder should be trademarked because it would be a cheap knockoff from anyone else I will come-hither all day if he keeps up the molten stare.
  • I don’t make a habit of blocking my own cock. The damn thing is five seconds away from staging a formal protest.
  • Our chemistry could reverse the windchill in January.
  • Well, shit. When he puts it that way, the odor doesn’t seem so horrific. Neither does letting him drag me all over Iowa to try new things.
  • She’s better than porn and football in the same sitting.
  • I want to ride him harder than a jackpot bull at the rodeo.
  • This man makes resisting love quite impossible.
  • Musicians were never my thing until Reeve proved to be one. This man could be my everything.
  • Damn, he smells better than discussing feelings and making plans. I detect hidden undertones of happily ever after.

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